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Read and Drink 22 oz Large Coffee Mug Book Lover Gift Book Club Cup

$ 16.95

"Read and Drink" book design chalkboard coffee mug with liquid chalk marker to add your own special morning message on the back. We sand carve our design (it's permanent and will never wash off) into a black 22 oz coffee mug with large handle. This mug is matte black with a yellow rim and black glaze interior. We include a liquid chalk marker with your purchase. Please note that the chalk marker goes on light but dries as shown in the photo within a few minutes. Just use a damp cloth to erase and inscribe a new message.

- permanent sand carved design on the front
- microwave and dishwasher safe
- 22 oz
- liquid chalk marker included

▲Sand Carving. The premier method of engraving glass, sandblasting finishes your design with a smooth, fine, deep, and even engraving that stays permanent on the surface of the coffee mug. A high pressure stream of air using a compressor and abrasive is then applied to the coffee mug inside a sandblasting cabinet to etch away the pattern or design.



Production time: 7 - 9 business days

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