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Grandparent Gifts Grandma Grandpa To Be Pregnancy Reveal Baby Footprint Wine Glass Set

$ 24.95

Our "Grandma and Grandpa To Be " pair of stemmed wine glasses with a set of adorable baby feet is a fabulous way to reveal someone special is going to be a Grandparent! Each wine glass holds 14 oz. and stands about 8 inches tall.

Our personalized items are hand crafted by using a vinyl mask, hand weeded and applied and then sand blasted for a permanent and elegant look.




Glass is simply prettier
Glass is ecologically responsible
There is no fake, no imitation, no plastic, glass IS the real thing!
100% recyclable

Please be aware that minor bubbles, wrinkles and other variations are inherent to even the finest glassware and crystal and are not considered defects. All items are inspected for major defects prior to shipping.

PRODUCTION TIME: 7 - 9 business days.

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