Matte Silver Wedding Cake Top Monograms with Rhinestones ~ Choose Letters & Size

$ 12.95

Each letter must be purchased separately.

The hottest new concept in wedding cake ornamentation is monograms for the top of the cake. These simple painted resin silver monograms with clear rhinestones can be embellished and decorated for any season, color or theme.  The letters have been sized to easily fit onto the top of a  6" or 8" cake. There are picks mounted into the bottom of each monogram for insertion into the cake or floral foam decoration being used on the cake. Of course, these great monograms can be used for any special event....not just weddings!

Monograms are offered in a soft matte Silver finish resin, lightweight and in the elegant Convection font. You can choose to mix and match from the following: Large 4.5" letters, Small 2.5" letters (A-Z) or an ampersand (&-small size only). Great for any occasion where you want to add a personal touch. 

In creating a standard 3-letter monogram, the small letters are typically used for the initials of the bride and groom's first names. The large letter represents the first initial of their last name. 

Makes a lasting memento of your special day.

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